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updated 16th April 2018

Visa World have special service charge prices for high usage regular customers who include airlines, cruise lines, tour operators, travel agencies, NGOs, charitable humanitarian relief organisations, ABTA, ATOL, IATA and FTSE members.  No contract is required.  Conditions may apply.
Please contact our Operations Manager for further information

P L E A S E   N O T E

Service charges allow for up to two consular visits per application.
Certain applications require further visits beyond our culpability.
Such extra visits will be charged at 50% of the '1st traveller' rate for the first application and
at 12.5% of the '1st traveller' rate for each subsequent application made at the same time.
Waiting time, if applicable, is charged at 100%.
Extra visits requested by the client will each be charged at 100%.

Orders cancelled before lodgement has taken place are subject to a cancellation charge.

      Passport Office, Official and Embassy fees are extra and charged at cost, VAT zero rated.      

Amounts not paid with order are subject to an account charge of 5%, VAT exempt.


S E R V I C E   O P T I O N S   a n d   E X T R A S
These are just some of the facilities in
our support service infrastructure
that ensure our ability to perform
whenever a possibility exists

S e r v i c e   C o m m i t m e n t

Our aim is to provide the best possible Personal Service to complement and enhance
the efficiency and speed of our Consular Services which consistently have the
success rate
amongst all
of our competitors for first time acceptance of applications
on first lodgement.

We have sent a copy of the above statement to all known competitors.
Not one reply or comment has been received that contests our claim.

This record achievement (corroborated by results which are updated daily) is maintained
because each application is checked for minimum requirements before submission.
This is the basis of us achieving almost 100% successful acceptances at first attempt.

Time is actually budgeted in order to allow for a skilled inspection of all the important
sections of the application that are troublesome and which are known to be problematic
either the content or the way it is presented are not both exactly as required,

~   a n d   ~

the range of service options available in this price list is evidence of the comprehensive
infrastructure of our established support facilities, which are maintained to ensure that
we will always have the ability to perform  ~~~> whenever a possibility exists.

Service is our business       If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied

Sixty Peace of Mind reasons why so many choose Visa World and Travel Happy

                            Our offices are staffed at all times during normal office hours.
                            Our shop counter service is open at all times during normal office hours.
                            Our telephone lines are answered at all times during normal office hours.
                            Human beings answer all calls at all times during normal office hours.

                            We do not close for lunch.

                            We do not make you call a premium rate number ~ 0904, 0905, 0906 etc.
                            We do not have 0870 or 0871.
                            We do not even have 0844 or 0845.
                            We do not earn when you call us, so your enquiry is answered with speed and efficiency.
                            If we keep you talking, it will cost us our time and money as well as yours.

                            We do not have a recorded welcome message.
                            You do not have to press options.

have SIX ways to order at your convenience and according to your preference:~
                                   by post, by bike or courier delivery, by fax, by personal visit, by telephone or online.
                            If you order another way, we are grateful for that also, at no extra charge.  "Thank you."
                            We do not penalise you or charge you extra if you prefer not to order online.
                            We can discuss your application at our shop counter and check it while you wait.

 We do not charge extra for urgent orders.

                            We do not surcharge you if you do not use our order form.
                            ..... and we do not surcharge you if you do not pre-register your customer details online.
                            ..... .....
nor do we surcharge you if you do not pre-submit your order requirements online.

smile  We Guarantee that our Order FormOrder Form is the easiest to complete of all our competitors.
                            … & up to
6 applications on 1 form instead of 6 separate forms needed by most competitors.
 If you find an easier form giving the information needed, your order will be
free of charge.

                            Each application
is checked for minimum requirements before submission.
                            Your application will be checked with care in a professional manner by trained personnel
                                   in our office and not by a courier on the back of a satchel whilst queuing at an embassy.
 Time is budgeted to inspect all troublesome sections for content and presentation.
                            This is how we regularly achieve 100% successful acceptances on first lodgement.

                            Our systems allow for the greatest flexibility, as ***required fields*** are not finalised until
                                   all the paperwork and documentation is complete and satisfies embassy requirements.
                          smile  This ability to easily facilitate changes is especially appreciated by those who
to arrange business travel and make business travel arrangements.

 We do not stockpile applications.
                          smile  We do not stockpile for economic or for volume processing ~> or for any other reason.

                          smile  Each application is lodged at the first opportunity once all the requirements are met.

                          smile  When being lodged or collected, your documents will be handled and presented only by
                                   our own 'Visa World Trained' couriers
                          smile  W
e do not outsource to bikes, minicabs or third party couriers etc.
                          smile  This way, if an unexpected query does occur, our couriers do have the competence and
the experience to react with appropriate action that will usually resolve the problem.
                          smile  Each courier is contracted with us to react as if any query or problem was their own.

                          smile  We have the simplest, easiest to use and most accurate to-the-minute tracking facility.

Our address is not a P.O. Box No.
                          smile  We are happy for you to know our exact location.
                          smile  We have been trading from the same Main Road shop premises since 1995.

 We are not a travel agent  ~> we do not sell tickets  ~> we have no conflict of interest.
                          smile  We process passport and visa applications solely in the interests of the applicant.

                          smile  Our core business is professional passport and visa agents  ~> and always has been.
                          smile  We did not evolve from another trade of bike, dispatch, messenger or distribution service.
                          smile  Our competence embraces
experience, knowledge, practice, skills and tact ~> far more
                                   than required of a carrier for simple pick-ups, deliveries, collections and returns, etc.

                          smile  Our core value is quality care ~> and ongoing alert concern to satisfy customer needs.

                          smile  Staff operate to our business ethic motto:  ~> If you're not satisfied, we're not satisfied.
                          smile  They are each contracted to strive for service excellence that will exceed expectations.

                          smile  We have passport and visa details on all 220 countries for all 220 nationalities.
                          smile  The easy-to-read narratives are explanatory and unrivalled for completeness and clarity.
                          smile  If you can find a more informative and useful website, we would really like to know about it.

                          smile  Our experienced team of processing staff are available for consultation, advice, assistance,
                                   information and progress updates at all times during normal office hours.
                          smile   We have 24 hour telephone, fax and mobile contact numbers available direct to our 24hr duty
                                   manager if needed in an emergency or for any reason in connection with a job in progress.

                          smile  All personnel (visa consultants, processing agents, support staff, embassy couriers,
                                   messengers, transport, dispatch, admin, accounts and even sales staff) are each
                                   contractually obliged to treat the processing, presentation, lodgement, collection,
                                   dispatch and indeed the general handling of each passport and visa application
                                   ~ as if it were their own.

                          smile  We have top-flight support services geared for emergency ~ to cater for the unexpected.
                            As daily visitors to Her Majesty's Passport Office we are well placed to provide
                                   solutions whenever solutions are possible.
                            If it can be done in time?  If at all possible?  We will do it.  If not ~ it cannot be done.


                            We are the only service with pre-set discounts for additional travellers of up to 75% off.
  Our prices are kept competitive, clearly stated and easily accessible for comparison.

                            We are PCI DSS Compliant adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards
                                   endorsed by Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc. certifying that our data security standards are
rigorous and ensure that our customers credit card information remains safe and secure.

                          smile  We Guarantee that there is no other visa service that provides all of these facilities.
                            These are over sixty of the many USP* reasons that make Visa World the
Brand Leader
                                   for both Personal Service and Performance and without doubt, easily the best by far.

  Visa World is a privately owned family partnership, which employs an ever-growing team
of dedicated, efficient, happy and smiling personnel who remain under the day-to-day
                                   supervision and control of the founders who started the business in 1991.

Service is our business           ~           If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied

                          *Unique Selling Point


Supplements apply at certain embassies
Discounts are sometimes available when we submit checked applications in quantity

        Reducing supplement is to allow for the additional administration involved due to the
                                                pre-arranging, pre-notification, pre-preparation and/or special
                                                presentation that is required by certain embassies. 
                                                As we are able to pass on the benefit of savings made when
                                                processing additional applications at the same time, the
                                                supplement reduces in order to provide the same discounts
                                                (25%, 50% or 75% off, etc.) that we normally give to each
                                                additional traveller.

        Fixed supplement is applied when each application incurs the same additional costs.

        Single supplement is activated when, due to the intensive pre-administration required
                                                or the inevitable waiting time expected, it would not be economic
                                                to process a single application.
                                                Unlike many of our competitors, we do not stockpile 
                                                applications for economic or for volume processing.
                                                We lodge each and every application at the first opportunity
                                                once all the requirements are met, even if it means visiting an
                                                embassy or a consular authority to submit only one application.

        Off-route supplement is only applicable if the relevant consular or government office
                                                is outside central London or significantly off our normal routes.
                                                The supplement will allow for the two journeys to both submit
                                                the application/s and collect the processed documents.

                                                Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge more
                                                for each application or submission.  We charge only the
                                                one supplement per batch of applications or documents that
                                                are being submitted and collected at the same time.

        Miscellaneous supplement may apply only temporarily at an individual embassy or it
                                                may be relevant only to a specific classification of visa or it may
                                                be due to a peculiarity at a particular embassy.
                                                If it is because we are required to pay for consular fees on an
                                                additional separate visit or at
a different office building or at a
                                                bank or a post office the supplement will be charged at 50% of
                                                the '1st traveller' rate for the first application and at 6.25% of the
                                                '1st traveller' rate for each subsequent application that is dealt
                                                with at the same time.

        Waiting Time supplement is a one-off set-charge to cover the appropriate contingency
                                                arrangements needed to prepare for and make due allowance
                                                for the unpredictable waiting time that will inevitably be incurred
                                                due to the excessive queues that prevail at certain embassies.
                                                The supplement will allow for the waiting time anticipated on the
                                                two consular visits to both lodge the application/s and collect
                                                the processed documents.

                                                Unlike most of our competitors, we do not require each
                                                traveller to pay more.  We charge only the one supplement
                                                per embassy, irrespective of the total number of applications
                                                that are being made and submitted at the same time.  We do
                                                not charge more for every application, each traveller or
                                                per passport.

                                                The waiting time at a particular embassy can vary due to their
                                                busy, peak or seasonal periods.

Refer to your destination country to see if a supplement or a discount is currently applicable.


M e e t   &   G r e e t

          This is a full 'Meet and Greet' service and not just a delivery or drop-off facility.

          Our courier representative will only hand-over documents to the traveller in person.

          They will have the contact details and mobile phone number you have provided us
          with and you and the traveller may have those of our Meet & Greet representative.
          If you have notified us of your rendezvous arrival route, our representative will then
          be able to trace the possible cause of any delay and take appropriate action.

          Our representative will not leave unless contact has been established with the
          traveller or else with the approval of the traveller's office, agent or representative.

          Waiting Time is chargeable after 15mins past the 'Meet & Greet' appointment time.


SIX ways to order
at your convenience
according to your preference

            ~by Post   ~ by Courier   ~ by Email   ~ by Visit   ~ by Phone   ~ or Online            

we are open all day during normal office hours
Monday to Friday ~ 9.00am to 5.30pm

Public & Bank Holidays ~ Closed
Xmas & New Year ~ Limited opening
out of hours ~ always available by arrangement

You may order ~

            1.  ~ by POST, by BIKE or by COURIER DELIVERY
                                                              to:Visa World
                                                                  526-528 Watford Way
                                                                  Mill Hill
                                                                  NW7 4RS
                         If you are posting important passport documents to us we
                         recommend that you use the Royal Mail Special Delivery
                         service which is available from any Post Office.  Keep the
                         Post Office receipt until you confirm we have safe delivery.
                         Please also use our order form order form.  It helps us to do a good job.
                         To help us further, please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            2.  ~ by EMAIL to  iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
                         Please use our order form order form.  It helps us to do a good job.
To help us further, please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            3.  ~ by PERSONAL VISIT
                          Visa World
                          526-528 Watford Way
                          Mill Hill
                          NW7 4RS
              .          Please pre-complete our order formorder form and bring it along with you.
              .          Our
order formorder form is a check-list component that aids our efficiency.
              .          It will help us to give you better assistance and a speedier service. 
Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            4.  ~ by TELEPHONE on 
020 8959 6161
              .          Please do have available all the information that we require on
              .          our
order form order form, together with your card payment details before
              .          you phone.  Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below to see that
              .          if we cannot process your application, no charge will be made.

            5.  ~ or ONLINE  by using our
Online Order Form Online Order Form.
              .          If you order online order online, you will see why our process is recognised as
              .          being the easiest and most straightforward of all online procedures. 
                         <> We have the least ***required fields*** of any of our competitors
<> and even these are not finalised in our systems until all of the
<> documentation is complete and satisfies the minimum consular
<> requirements.
              .          This allows you the greatest flexibility for any changes that may occur. 
              .          If you arrange business travel you will appreciate this facility especially.
              .          There is also a discount available if there is more than one traveller. 
              .          Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

            6.  Once an order is received, a Job No. is generated for reference and
                    tracking purposes.  It is most important that this Job No. is quoted
                    on every communication and especially when you are SENDING
                    DOCUMENTS to us.  For fast-track attention it is best to also
the Job No. at the bottom left corner of the envelope.

                    Failure to quote the Job No. WILL CAUSE DELAY and may also
                    result in double job processing caused by the creation of a duplicate 
                    file with a different Job No. (very dangerous) and charging twice in
                    error, which will in turn incur extra costs.

                    Also, when you make a telephone enquiry, we will be able to update

                    you quicker if the Job No. can be mentioned if we need to ask for it.

            7.  Please enclose a self-addressed envelope.
                    This eliminates any misreading of individual addresses and any
                    confusion as to whether the completed documents are to be returned
                    direct to the traveller or to the travel agent or to the company address.
                    The envelope does not have to be stamped or postage paid and it
                    needs to be only large enough for the return of your passport/s.
                    The Post Office and Royal Mail prefer a size C5 envelope.

            8.  Please retain and do not send passport wallets.
                    Embassies do not like them and there is a risk of loss.

            9.  Orders that are sent to us direct from your client, contractor, employee
                    or the traveller should be clearly noted that they are to be charged to
                    your account facility so as to avoid any delay that involves payment.

          10.  Make all payments to "Visa World" and not to an embassy.
                    They will not accept your cheque.

          11.  If you are not using our order form, please enclose a separate note
                    with your contact name, address and telephone number, which
                    method of return dispatch you require (e.g.  by Royal Mail Special
                    Delivery Next Day) and of course, the dispatch address.  If you are
                    a travel agent, please ensure that your branch is clearly marked.

          12.  If you will require in-depth information or advice when telephoning, we
do hope you will understand that we can only provide this after receipt
                    of a deposit to confirm that it is your intention to place an order with us.
                    If we cannot process your application, your deposit will be returned in
                    full and no charge will be made.



            1.  Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until the required
                    passport, visa or travel authority is obtained.

                    > If visa requirements call for sight of tickets, an itinerary, evidence
                          of confirmed travel plans or confirmation of a hotel booking, you
                          are advised to only commit to travel or accommodation expenses
                          subject to a visa being obtained.

                          > If you need Travel Insurance, do compare ours for cover and value.
  Most 'business visa' applications require a company letter, at least.

            3.  Embassy fees can vary and may differ from the amount expected.
                    They may be higher or lower and are always charged at cost.
                    Some are unpredictable as they are governed by exchange rates.

                    > Additionally, some embassies will, on occasion, only accept payment
                          in postal orders when additional costs for poundage are then incurred.

            4.  Visa requirements vary depending on the reason for the visit,
                    the intended length of stay, the number of entries requested,
                    required or granted and the nationality of the applicant.
                    > For some countries requirements can vary further dependent on:~  
                          the accommodation arranged;  the travel route;  whether arriving by air,

                          sea or land;  on scheduled, chartered, hired, private or own transport;
                          which airport, sea-port, harbour, marina or land border is the intended 
                          arrival point;  the itinerary;  the onward destination;  and whether

                          travelling as crew;  or other than as a fare-paying passenger.
                          Information and evidence may also be required concerning the
                          country of birth, family origins, ethnicity, religion, employment, home
                          address, residency status, vocation, medical and other records of
                          the applicant and any family, companions, employees, carers, nurses,
                          security staff or other persons travelling with or accompanying them.

            5.  An embassy can vary their requirements for any individual application
                    at their discretion.

            6.  The availability, requirements and time in embassy for a visa application
                    in respect of a foreign national will depend on the entry status of
                    the applicant into the U.K.

            7.  Each embassy has its own criteria for information so do please ensure
                    that all of the questions are answered, the required documents
                    are enclosed and that both the form and the passport are signed.

            8.  Most countries require a passport valid for
not less than six months
                    beyond the intended stay.

            9.  Embassies that are able to, will usually oblige us by issuing a restricted
                    visa to accommodate a passport with short validity but many are
                    now not able to issue any visa unless the passport is valid for their
                    regulation minimum time.

          10.  Many embassies are unable to issue a visa unless there are two facing
                    blank pages available in the passport.

          11.  We daily visitors to Her Majesty's Passport Office and
                    well placed to provide solutions for unexpected emergencies.
If the need occurs we can also advise on the criteria and requirements
                          necessary to apply for a second passport and even a third or a fourth
                          passport etc. up to the maximum eight allowable.
                          Many of our clients have more than one passport.
                          > We can process routine or urgent passport applications, renewals,
name change on marriage, other name change, a photo change,
                                extension or other amendment as well as a child's first passport,
                                amendment, extension or renewal etc.

          12.  We have 24 hour telephone and mobile contact numbers available
                    direct to our 24hr duty manager should they ever be needed in an
                    emergency or for any reason in connection with a job in progress.



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Visa World use their best efforts to provide correct information but as accuracy and completeness of consular regulations cannot be guaranteed the information that is supplied should not be regarded as authoritative.

We are the biggest firm still small enough to give the best personal service 
Service is our business If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied

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