The fastest, cheapest and easiest way to obtain a visa for Albania

Location : Europe

Capital : Tirana

Time : GMT+2

Represented in London

Passports have to be valid for SIX months beyond intended stay

Do I need a visa to visit Albania

British Citizens : do not require a visa.

A visa is Required : Albanian visa for Non UK citizens can be very complex if you are staying more than 90 days you may or may not require a visa.

A visa is Not Required : by nationals of Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Georgia, Qatar, Oman and Russia Visiting as tourists during the period 15 May – 1 November

Nationals of some countries may be issued with a visa on arrival, but entry, is not guaranteed and it is advisable to obtain a visa before departure.

Visa fees for Albania
ClassificationsTourist visa for Albania ~ Business visa for Albania
Processing TimeOrders received by 4.30pm will normally secure next day lodgement.
Time in embassyNormalapprox 15 Days.
If Referredas advised by the embassy.
Validity of visafrom date of issue3 Months
Length of stayfrom date of entry3 Weeks, extendable upon arrival
Single entryTourist£25