Journalist visa for Algeria

Requirements for a Journalist Visa for Algeria
PassportValid for a minimum of six months beyond intended stay and have at least two blank pages.
Twelve months validity may be required if you are applying for a 12 month multiple entry visa.
We can process routine or urgent Same Day Passport applications directly at Her Majesty's Passport Office.
Forms2 x application forms per traveller.
Photo2 x passport size photos
Other Documents
Company Letterfrom your Production company or Television network
Equipment listmust be submitted with your application
Copy of passport 2 sets of every page of applicants passport. Passport must not contain any visas for Israel.
Our Order FormThis also helps our efficiency as it is a check list component for both you and our staff
PaymentComplete the order form and either send the documents to us or bring them into the office. Once we received your paperwork we will email you an invoice that can be paid by direct transfer. To see how the total cost of your visa application is calculated, click here.
Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until a visa is obtained. Forms & Requirements for Algeria ~ updated 19th August 2019