American Samoa

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Location : South Pacific

Capital : Pago Pago

Time : GMT-11

Represented in London

Passports have to be valid for SIX months beyond intended stay

We are not affiliated with any government. If you apply direct at an embassy you may need an appointment and will still have to pay their fees. Our charges are in addition to cover our services.

Do I need a visa to visit American Samoa

British Citizens : do not require a visa.

A visa is Not Required for a stay of up to 30 days : By nationals of all countries.

A visa is Not Required : By nationals of American Samoan.
The above information is updated when we are notified of a change in immigration regulations.

Do I Need A Visa for American Samoa? ~ verified or updated 2nd February 2012
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All You Need To Know for American Samoa


Tourist ~ Business.


Please refer to the classification relevant to your application.

Processing Time

Orders received by 4.30pm will normally secure next day lodgement.

Same day lodgements are always available by arrangement.

Completed orders are normally dispatched on the same day they are collected from the embassy.

Time in embassy

Normal service : n/a .

Express : n/a .

If referred: as advised by the embassy.

Validity of visa

From date of issue : at the discretion of the embassy.

Length of stay

From date of entry : indicated within the visa.

Visa fees for American Samoa

Embassy Fees

VAT zero rated

Tourist Business
Single Entry n/a n/a
Single entry Express n/a n/a
Multiple entry n/a n/a
Multiple entry Express n/a n/a

Some embassies will only accept postal orders in payment of their fees and costs for poundage are then incurred. On certain applications and for some nationalities the embassy add an additional fee, which is charged at cost. The embassy fee may differ from and be higher or lower than that expected above and is always charged at cost.

The above information is updated when we are notified of a change in visa information or fees for American Samoa