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Visa World is registered with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to use the Premium Legalisation Service at their London office.

This special facility, which is not available to the general public, will enable us to lodge urgent time-sensitive documents and collect them within 90 minutes.

The FCO charge approx. 250% of their normal fee for this service and, due to the special pre-arrangement required with the FCO, we charge an extra 50% plus, if applicable, any Waiting Time incurred.

If required, please also allow for a Dedicated Courier.

Please contact us for more details: 020 8959 6161

Certain visa applications require the legalization, attestation or other authentication of a supporting document and some require notarization by a Notary Public and/or the FCO (Foreign & Commonwealth Office) to endorse or otherwise certify to the bona fide of a statement or supporting document by issuing an apostille.

Visa World regularly use the services of Notaries Public and attend the Foreign & Commonwealth Office on a daily basis to obtain the approval embassies require.

There are occasions when using a Notary Public known and regularly used by the requiring authority is advantageous so as to minimise delays and queries.

We have considerable contact details and expertise to arrange for any of the above promptly and efficiently and to minimise delays and queries.

Visa World can arrange for the legalization or the authentication of any document.