Birth and Marriage Certificates

Birth and Marriage Certificates
Certificates of Adoption
Death Certificates

Visa World can obtain Full Certified Copies of any of the above Certificates where details have been registered anywhere in:

England and Wales,
Northern Ireland
The Republic of Ireland.

Some Short form Birth Certificates are also available to be obtained but we do not recommend applying for these as authorities who require site of a Birth Certificate are, on the whole, now finding reasons for seeing a Full Copy.

The difference in cost is also negligible and not worth the risk of disappointment.

We have the professional expertise and experience to submit applications promptly and efficiently and to minimise delays and queries. We always apply via the quickest service available from each authority.

Standard Charges as per Visa World Service Charge Price List.

~ England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, ~ as per U.K.
~ The Republic of Ireland, ~ as per Overseas Embassy.

Certificate Fees vary from each Registrar and are charged at cost.

Please send the Certificate Application Form together with our Order FormOrder Form.

updated 16th August 2018