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    Just a reminder that we are now open again for Passport and Visa applications. Our phones are manned from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday and we check messages 24/7. Our office will be open usual hours and we can arrange visits by appointment if required. We will still be taking all the necessary covid precautions.

    0208 959 6161

    Passport renewals
    If you are travelling in the next four weeks, please check you have at least 6 months left on your passport before you travel. As you may have read in the press this weekend the passport office is in meltdown and are quoting 10 weeks or more for delivery. We can STILL offer a FASTER service, call for details. Our best advice is not to book any trip before you have checked your passport is valid (travellers are being turned back at airports if their documents are invalid).

    Visa processing
    Visas are again available for most countries. Embassies and Visa processing centres are currently working slower than normal, but in the main are open. However, there are still some entry restrictions, and most countries still require proof of vaccination against Covid and a minority still require PCR tests. Please check your visa is issued before you book your trip.

    We hope you are all still staying safe, keeping positive and we look forward to helping with your visa and passport requirements soon.

    India Business Visa
    India is currently processing business visas; the service is slow.

    India Tourist Visa
    India will be resuming international tourism flights from November allowing travellers to enter India on tourist visas.

    Saudi Arabia Business Visa
    We are again processing business visas for Saudi Arabia.

    Tourist and Business Visa for Ghana
    The Ghana High Commission are now processing tourist & business visas

    Nigeria Business Visa
    The Nigerian High Commission are now processing business visas.

    Business Visa for China
    Although there is still restrictions China are now processing business visas

    Since the pandemic many countries have changed their entry requirements and you may not be able to fly direct and may have to travel via another country.

    If you renewed your passport early last time and as a result had extended time added to your passport it will no longer count when visiting Europe

    Please check your passport’s official expiry date before booking any trips as the rules relating to travelling in Europe have changed. Since the UK left the EU any extra time added to your passport no longer counts as valid for travel or visa purposes within the European union. 

    The government website is currently quoting 10 weeks for passport processing (read the press this is sometimes taking much longer!!) and currently there are no same day passport services available, so if you need to travel to the European union sooner Visa World can still help get your passport application processed in a fraction of that time.

    Although the passport office are currently NOT offering same day or next day passport services, Visa World can help with new passports or renewals, lost or stolen passport, second and third passports, name change on marriage, child’s passports etc

    We are starting to get a higher volume of calls for passport renewals and travel advice.

    If you are travelling please remember passport rules and regulations will still apply. You need to check if you have enough time left on your passport as required by the country you are visiting and can comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

    Contact us so we can get that urgent Passport renewal processed.

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