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Change in Visa requirements

This list will update with any changes to the requirements for obtaining a visa for travel
  • Visa World - Visa / Travel Update - January 2022

    Coronavirus Travel Restrictions

    Thank-you for visiting Visa World we are currently open by appointment only.

    Although the last UK Government travel update changed the requirement for PCR testing on your return journey to the UK, it is always advisable to check with your airline before you travel and make sure you double check your outbound requirements as some countries still require quarantine on arrival.

    The Passport Office is currently running at less than 50% of its pre-pandemic capacity. It is taking between 10-15 working days to secure an appointment to submit a passport applications.  Depending upon which appointments are available and which processing centre has appointments we are still able to offer a fast service. If you have an urgent passport application, in the first instance please call our Passport Department.

    You should always check your passport before travelling, one of the new requirements are that your passport will need a full six month’s validity remaining after you return from your travels and if you have any extra months issued when your passport was renewed early, this will now not be valid.

    As travel restrictions are being lifted most embassies are now issuing travel visas – please give us a call for the latest information.

    India Business Visa
    India is currently processing business visas; the service is slow.

    India Tourist Visa
    India will be resuming international tourism flights from November allowing travellers to enter India on tourist visas.

    Saudi Arabia Business Visa
    We are again processing business visas for Saudi Arabia.

    Tourist and Business Visa for Ghana
    The Ghana High Commission are now processing tourist & business visas

    Nigeria Business Visa
    The Nigerian High Commission are now processing business visas.

    Business Visa for China
    Although there is still restrictions China are now processing business visas

    Since the pandemic many countries have changed their entry requirements and you may not be able to fly direct and may have to travel via another country.

    If you renewed your passport early last time and as a result had extended time added to your passport it will no longer count when visiting Europe

    Please check your passport’s official expiry date before booking any trips as the rules relating to traveling in Europe have changed. Since the UK left the EU any extra time added to your passport no longer counts as valid for travel or visa purposes within the European union. 

    The government website is currently quoting 10 weeks for passport processing (read the press this is sometimes taking much longer!!) and currently there are no same day passport services available, so if you need to travel to the European union sooner Visa World can still help get your passport application processed in a fraction of that time.

    Although the passport office are currently NOT offering same day or next day passport services, Visa World can help with new passports or renewals, lost or stolen passport, second and third passports, name change on marriage, child’s passports etc

    We are starting to get a higher volume of calls for passport renewals and travel advice.

    If you are travelling please remember passport rules and regulations will still apply. You need to check if you have enough time left on your passport as required by the country you are visiting and can comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions.

    Please remember countries on the amber list may be added to the red list based on the Covid 19 risk. Please check your destination as many countries on the amber list have restrictions or special requirements for travellers arriving from the UK e.g. Italy require 5 days isolation for UK citizens. Details available from the UK Homer Office website

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