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We are not affiliated with any government. ~~ If you apply direct at an embassy you may need an appointment and will still have to pay their fees. Our charges are in addition to cover our services.

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IMPORTANT We are one of the few firms that provide you with documentary evidence of the approval of your ETA eVisitor visa.

An ETA eVisitor visa granted by the Australian Government and some other firms is not supported with any written evidence.

This has proved to cause problems when input errors have been made which the traveller has no way of checking.

Even a slight discrepancy or obvious error can cause problems at ‘check in’ or at ‘immigration control’.

We have heard of airlines charging substantial fees to process a correction to an ETA eVisitor visa as they are not allowed to carry you if the electronic details of your visa do not exactly match the details stated in your passport.
You will be able to check the ETA visa read-out we will send you and keep it in your passport for future reference.

to visit Australia?

British Citizens
Nationals of the following countries in this section are also eligible to
apply for an ETA or eVisitor visa.

are eligible to apply for an ETA eVisitor visa. Order an ETA eVisitor visa now

  • Andorra,Austria,Belgium,Brunei (ETA),Bulgaria,Canada (ETA),Cyprus,
    Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland
  • France,Germany,Greece,Hong Kong SAR(ETA),Hungary,Iceland,Ireland
  • Lithuania,Luxembourg,Malaysia(ETA),Malta,Monaco,The Netherlands
    Norway,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Republic of San Marino
  • Singapore(ETA),Slovak Republic,Slovenia,South Korea(ETA),Spain
    Sweden,Switzerland,United Kingdom – British Citizen,United States(ETA),
    Vatican City

British National Overseas (BNO) have to apply and be resident in Hong Kong.
Chinese Taipei have to apply and be resident in Chinese Taipei.

All other Nationals are not eligible to apply for an ETA or eVisitor visa. Click here for other visa page.

A visa or ETA is Required by all visitors to Australia other than those listed below.

A visa or ETA is Not Required by nationals of Australia and for some visits by nationals of New Zealand and permanent residents of Norfolk Island.

If you wish to visit Australia for longer then 3 months or for any other purpose; e.g. working holiday, CLICK HERE FOR OTHER VISA for Australia PAGE.

The above information is updated when we are notified of a change in Australia immigration regulations.

How much does it cost

to get a visa for Australia?
How Much Does It Cost to get a visa for Australia? was last updated on ~ 1st January 2012

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will cost
Visa World Service Charge (1)  32.40
Reducing Supplement (2)
Fixed Supplement (3) –  
Single Supplement (4) –  
Off-route Supplement (5) –  
Miscellaneous Supplement (6) –  
Waiting Time Supplement (7) –  
Dedicated Courier (if required) (8) –  
Royal Mail Special Delivery Post (9) –  
Service Centre Fee (charged at cost) (10) –  
Embassy Fee (charged at cost) (11) 0.00

Aggregate total to send £

(12) 32.40  




The total cost for each traveller which one
is fully inclusive of Embassy Fees,
Supplements, our Service Charges,
Spcl. Del. Return Post is  £
will cost
(14) 32.40