Visa World was established in 1991 as a Passport & Visa processing company. Our offices are in North West London with convenient and easy access to Embassyland

From the beginning Visa World grew rapidly by “personal recommendation” as a company which undertook attentive and responsible checking before any application was attempted to be lodged. This simple extra care and attention to detail is not only necessary but often essential in order not to delay or prejudice the eventual granting of an application.

Visa World is recognised at all embassies, consulates and high commissions and is in attendance at and visit all embassies and government offices on a daily, and sometimes twice daily, basis.

Years of experience has build a solid base of knowledge and experience including the ability to deal with the very different and sometimes difficult requirements for tourist, business, family visit and the miscellany of work and other visas, etc.

Visa World were accredited agents of the London Passport Office until the service was discontinued by the government in 2017 by using using tried and tested systems developed over years our clients applications are still dealt with by our dedicated section which enables all items to be easily tracked at all stages.

Professional expertise enables us to submit applications promptly and efficiently and to minimise delays and queries.

The London Passport Office and visa sections of embassies and consulates appreciate our efficient preparation and presentation of applications and this does help on the occasions when there is a query that can be easily resolved.

We have associated companies in Paris, Brussels, Bonn and several cities in the United States which enable us to process applications for any country which does not have diplomatic or consular representation in London or the United Kingdom. Likewise, these associated companies use our services for countries that do not have consular representation in their country.

We maintain accounts with all major international and national carriers (e.g. DHL, FedEx, TNT) to ensure best possible delivery service to any destination should the need occur or at the discretion or preference of the client.