How extras are calculated

Visa World service charges are for dealing with or handling orders and/or for attending the appropriate authorities to lodge applications and/or collect processed documents and are payable by the customer whether applications are successful or not. Any non-refundable embassy, consular or other fees disbursed by Visa World are also payable by the customer and are charged at cost.

Visa World service charges allow for up to two visits to a consular or other authority per application. Certain applications require further visits beyond the culpability of Visa World. The total cost of your visa application is calculated depending on many factors, some are just the changing regulations of particular Embassies or restrictive time of collection and many other reasons beyond our control. Such extra visits will each be charged at 50% of the ‘1st traveller’ rate for the first application and at 12.5% of the ‘1st traveller’ rate for each subsequent application made on the same visit. Waiting time, if applicable, is charged at 100%. Extra visits requested by the customer will each be charged at 100%.

We will always get our part done to the highest standard and if it’s possible we will always secure that visa or same day passport.

Here is a guide to how extras are calculated at Visa World.

Extra Conditions May Apply Please Email Or Call To Check If Any Apply To Your Visa Application
-1Standard discountAfter deducting our unique pre-set discounts of up to 75% off for additional travellers. We are the only service that saves you money with reduced charges for additional travellers of up to 75% OFF. Electronic applications are excepted because the same amount of work and time is involved to apply for each individual traveller and as these prices are already heavily discounted we cannot economise further on costs.
-2Reducing SupplementThis is to allow for the additional administration involved due to the pre-arranging, pre-notification, pre-preparation and/or special presentation that is required by certain embassies.  As we are able to pass on the benefit of savings made when processing additional applications at the same time, the supplement reduces in order to provide the same discounts (25%, 50%, 75% off, etc.) that we normally give to each additional traveller.
-3Fixed SupplementApplicable when each application, or a processing part of each application, incurs the same additional costs.
a) The need for excessive care in attention to detail or the order of preparation and presentation of documents.
b) Many embassies now require individual pre-registration of each application via online data entry.

The variance of charges reflects the degree of user-friendly technology each embassy is using for data entry.
-4Large group DiscountsSpecial Discount:  As special facilities are sometimes made available to us when we submit checked applications in quantity, we are on occasion able to pass on an allowance for the savings made via this special discount.
-5Miscellaneous SupplementActivated when, due to the intensive pre-administration required or the inevitable waiting time expected, it would not be economic to process a single application.  Unlike many of our competitors, we do not stockpile applications for economic or for volume processing.
-6Off-route SupplementOnly applicable if the relevant consular or government office is outside central London or significantly off our normal routes.  The supplement will allow for the two journeys to both submit the application/s and collect the processed documents.  Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge more for each application or submission.  We charge only the one supplement per batch of applications or documents that are being submitted and collected at the same time.
-7Additional separate visitThis may apply only temporarily at an individual embassy, or it may be relevant only to a specific classification of visa, or it may be due to a peculiarity at a particular embassy.  If it is because we are required to pay for consular fees on an additional separate visit or at a different office building or at a bank or at a post office, the supplement will be charged at 50% of the ‘1st traveller’ rate for the first application and at 6.25% of the ‘1st traveller’ rate for each subsequent application that is dealt with at the same time.
-8Waiting Time SupplementThis is a one-off set-charge to cover the appropriate contingency arrangements needed to prepare for and make due allowance for the unpredictable waiting time that will inevitably be incurred due to the excessive queues that prevail at certain embassies.  The supplement will allow for the waiting time anticipated on the two consular visits to both lodge the application/s and collect the processed documents.  Unlike most of our competitors, we do not require each traveller to pay more.  We charge only the one supplement per embassy, irrespective of the total number of applications that are being made and submitted at the same time.  We do not charge more for every application, each traveller or per passport.  The waiting time at a particular embassy can vary due to their busy, peak or seasonal periods.
-8Dedicated Courier (if required)At certain embassies the scheduled opening times for lodgement and collection are unreliable and inconsistent as they only open when they are ready and at some, the scheduled time window for collections is problematic to guarantee to meet most dispatch and postal cut-off times.  On certain occasions it is therefore necessary and/or prudent to assign a Dedicated Courier to lodge and/or collect applications to avoid our Scheduled Courier the possible dilemma of having to abandon the wait and abort the mission in favour of other scheduled assignments.
-9Royal Mail Special Delivery PostRecommended for safer return of your passport/s and documents to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day. If you require ‘Special Delivery by 9.00am’, ‘Saturday Delivery’ and/or ‘Royal Mail Consequential Loss Insurance’, please see Royal Mail Special Delivery and adjust your payment accordingly.
-10Service Centre Fee (charged at cost)Certain embassies require all applications to be submitted at a dedicated Visa Application Service Centre where a further fee is incurred in addition to whichever embassy fee applies. If applicable, the additional Service Centre Normal Service fee is included above.  If you require their faster service, please ask.
-11Payment with orderOnce we receive your application we will send an invoice with instructions for bank to bank transfer
-12Late payment surchargeAmounts not paid with order are subject to an account charge of 5% of the total invoice
If we are communicating with you overseas whilst processing your order, please see overseas in Service Charges.
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Last updated 1st Sept 2019