How To Order


SIX ways to order
at your convenience and
according to your preference

by Post ~ by Courier ~ Online ~ by Visit ~ by Phone ~ or VIP service

we are open all day during normal office hours

Monday to Friday ~ 9.00am to 5.30pm
Public & Bank Holidays ~ Closed
Xmas & New Year ~ Limited opening
out of hours ~ always available by arrangement

You may order ~

Visa World
526-528 Watford Way
Mill Hill

If you are posting important passport documents to us we recommend that you use the Royal Mail Special Delivery service which is available from any Post Office. Keep the Post Office receipt until you confirm we have safe delivery.

Please also add our order form. It helps us to do a good job.

To help us further, please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

2. ~ by EMAIL to

Please use our order form. It helps us to do a good job.


Visa World
526-528 Watford Way
Mill Hill

4. ~ by TELEPHONE on 020 8959 6161
Please do have available all the information that we require on our order form, before you phone. Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below to see that if we cannot process your application, no charge will be made.

5. ~ or our VIP SERVICE by calling our office 0208 959 6161,
At your service we can visit you at your home or office to advise or help completing all forms, once completed your VIP courier will process your application directly at the embassy

Please also observe notes 6 to 12 below.

6. Once an order is received, a Job No. is generated for reference and tracking purposes. It is most important that this Job No. is quoted on every communication and especially when you are SENDING DOCUMENTS to us. For fast-track attention it is best to also quote the Job No. at the bottom left corner of the envelope.

Failure to quote the Job No. WILL CAUSE DELAY and may also result in double job processing caused by the creation of a duplicate file with a different Job No. (very dangerous) and charging twice in error, which will in turn incur extra costs.

Also, when you make a telephone enquiry, we will be able to update you quicker if the Job No. can be mentioned if we need to ask for it.

7. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope.

This eliminates any misreading of individual addresses and any confusion as to whether the completed documents are to be returned direct to the traveller or to the travel agent or to the company address.
The envelope does not have to be stamped or postage paid and it needs to be only large enough for the return of your passport/s.
The Post Office and Royal Mail prefer a size C5 envelope.

Please retain and do not send passport wallets Embassies do not like them and there is a risk of loss

8. Once all the documents have arrived at our office. We will email you an invoice Please make sure that the contact Email address on the form is correct and please quote the Job No as your reference with your bank payment.Failure to quote the Job No. MAY CAUSE DELAY in identifying your payment to us

9. Orders that are sent to us direct from your client, contractor, employee or the traveller should be clearly noted that they are to be charged to your account facility so as to avoid any delay that involves payment.

10. Make all payments to “Visa World” and not to an embassy. They will not accept your payment.

11.  If you are a travel agent, please ensure that your branch is clearly marked.

12. If you will require in-depth information or advice when telephoning, we do hope you will understand that we can only provide this after receipt of a deposit to confirm that it is your intention to place an order with us. If we cannot process your application, your deposit will be returned in full and no charge will be made.

Last updated 19th November 2019

Also see our Terms & Conditions of trade