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For a speedier and safer way of obtaining all the services of HM Passport Office you
may process your application through Visa World, who work with 
Her Majesty's Passport Office daily.


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HM Passport Office Fees
were last revised 2018


Available only via Visa World.




The Daily Mail asks
How can a passport cost so much?

Fast Track

Same Day




The following fees are charged by HM Passport Office and should be paid to Visa World in addition to their Service Charge

Lodge & Collect by Visa World Courier.
Up to 1 week service 

Lodge & Collect by Visa World Courier. 
Same day or Next day




ADULT aged 16 & over




First adult passport subject to interview
~ allow up to six weeks for processing

not available

not available




Renewal of an existing adult passport

up to 1 week service 142.00

same day or next day 177.00




Replacement for a Lost, Stolen, Missing or Damaged passport


not available




First adult passport when deleting name of applicant (child) from adult passport


not available




If born before 3rd September 1929






Second passport in addition to an existing valid passport (if needed)






Third or Fourth additional passport (we can advise on criteria and requirements)






Name Change with marriage or civil partnership certificate






Photo Change or any other amendment to a valid adult passport


not available




Extension of restricted validity passport


not available




Extension of passport issued overseas






Deleting name from valid adult passport when child getting their own passport






Jumbo 48 page passport (not available for a first passport or a child passport)


Jumbo Fee + £51.50 187.00




Jumbo 48 Name Change with marriage or civil partnership certificate






Jumbo 48 Photo Change or any other amendment to a valid adult passport


not available




CHILD under age 16






First child passport or a Replacement for a Lost, Stolen or Damaged passport


not available




First child passport when deleting name of applicant (child) from adult passport


if issuance possible




Renewal of an existing child passport






Amendment/s to a valid child passport (photo, name change, etc.)






Extension of passport issued overseas




Check and Send Service
available at our office ONLY
only £21.60 +p&p
for U.K. Passports only.

Passport FeesDetails of ServiceSame Day PassportsNext Day PassportsHow Much Does It Cost?How to Order


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  • Visa World are daily visitors to Her Majesty's Passport Office.
    are committed to provide you with a speedy, friendly and personal service on an individual
    and they can also process any visa applications that
    you may require to visit other countries.
  • Your application for a Full British Passport will be trackable and traceable from the moment it is
    received by Visa World, whilst it is being processed at the Passport Office and until
    you receive
    your completed order. This maintains control, which is the basis of reliable delivery on time.
  • A Visa World Specialist Passport Processing Agent will contact you personally by telephone
    the same day that your order or application is received, should there be any query.
  • Each application is checked for minimum requirements before submission.
  • Time is actually budgeted to allow for a skilled inspection of all the important sections that are
    known to be problematic if either the content or presentation are not both exactly as required.
  • A Visa World Courier will then lodge your application by hand at the Visa World special agency section
    in the London Passport Office.  A
    passport officer will then check it again before it is accepted. 
  • When your application has been processed, a Visa World Courier will then collect your completed documents from Her Majesty's Passport Office and return them by hand to the Visa World offices.

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Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be when applying for a passport

  • Passport applications are not straightforward ~ which is why there is a 28 page A5 booklet
    of notes, instructions and guidelines that accompanies each 4 page A4 passport application form.
  • Using the services of Visa World will avoid the unnecessary delays that are caused by submitting applications:~
    ~ which are incomplete;
    ~ where the photographs do not meet the latest requirements;
    ~ where the answers
    do not satisfy at least the minimum requirements;
    ~ where the answers given have not been expressed or presented exactly as required;
    ~ where the statement given by the countersignatory is not presented
    exactly as required;
    ~ where other information supplied has not been expressed or presented exactly as required;
    ~ where the supporting and back-up documents do not satisfy at least the minimum requirements.
  • Visa World will also save you any concern about the safety of sending off your old passport and/or
    your application for a new one and you will avoid the anxiety of having your important supporting documents returned to you by ordinary second-class post and wondering when (and if) your new
    passport will arrive and whether or not it will arrive in time.  
    Unfortunately there are regular occurrences of passports being lost or stolen in the ordinary post.
  • You will also save the considerable inconvenience of having to go yourself in person to apply
    for your passport and having to go again yourself in person to collect your passport.
    > Her Majesty's Passport Office will not hand over your new passport to any family member or any representative you may appoint or to a third party unless special arrangements have been made.
    >> The special arrangements also have to be communicated successfully to the collection office
    which is not in the same place where applications are made at Her Majesty's Passport Office.
    > The collection office is in a completely separate office building entrance in a different street.

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Benefits of using a professional services to 
your passport at Her Majesty's Passport Office

By using the services of Visa World, you will save all the hassle, inconvenience and worry of: ~

~  arranging an appointment that suits you;

   ~ ~ ~  having the right documents;

   ~ ~ ~ ~  and especially having the right documents completed and signed exactly as required;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  time out;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  travel time and travel costs;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  the congestion charge and parking costs;

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  finding a parking meter or a car park;

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  queuing to pass through very thorough 'airport type' security;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  waiting time to lodge your application (yes, you still have to queue);

     ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  the same again on another day to collect;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  waiting again, the collection queues are usually much longer;

   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  and above all, you will have peace of mind.

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The horrendous cost
of a passport these days makes the Visa World service charge an insignificant extra and exceptional value
for money which will save
you all the hassle, time, inconvenience and worry in exchange for Peace of Mind.

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You might like to know

there are also UK Passports
with status

British Dependent Territories Citizen
British National Overseas
British Overseas Citizen
British Protected Person
British Subject

5 types of UK Travel Documents
Blue = Refugee
Red = Stateless Person
Black = Certificate of Travel
Brown = Certificate of Identity
Paper = Declaration of Identity
as well as a

Diplomatic Passport
and an
Official Passport

Passport FeesDetails of ServiceSame Day PassportsNext Day PassportsHow Much Does It Cost?How to Order


The Visa World Service Charge is the same for any service
except for
Same Day passports
(if required and if available)
~ As much notice as possible is of course advisable ~
For Same Day please allow up to four hours for Waiting Time
(if required or if necessary) a Dedicated Courier
in addition to the standard service charge.


Passport FeesDetails of ServiceSame Day PassportsNext Day PassportsHow Much Does It Cost?How to Order



Visa World do not charge extra for Next Day passports
unless a Dedicated Courier is required.


Passport FeesDetails of ServiceSame Day PassportsNext Day PassportsHow Much Does It Cost?How to Order

a  Full  British  Passport

IMPORTANT ~    Form C1 is not acceptable as this is provided by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for use
when applying abroad at a British Embassy,
British High Commission or British Consulate overseas.
The correct form is the latest version supplied by Her Majesty's Passport Office.
The applicant has to be in the UK on the day and at the time we submit the application at HM Passport.

The following are required:

(1).  One passport application form 
fully completed as appropriate.
               Passport application forms are obtainable from Visa World or from most main post offices.
                         ~ If you want Visa World to provide the forms, please order as required by using the order form.
                         ~ You may order
by post, fax, personal visit, telephone or onlineonline, as you prefer.
                         ~ A deposit will be required to start the order process and supply forms.

(2).  Two colour photographs which must comply with the latest passport office criteria.
 ######            If necessary, one photograph is to be countersigned as per question 10 of the form.

(3).  One Authority to Collect Letter completed and signed.  This is required by HM Passport Office.

(4).  One completed Visa World Order Form which helps us to do a good job.

(5).  The expiring passport if any unless lost or stolen.

(6).  All supporting documents as required and if necessary.
               If the need occurs and when required, Visa World can:
                         ~ obtain a Certified Copy of your Birth Certificate or Marriage Certificate;
                         ~ arrange for the Translation of any document;
                         ~ arrange for the Legalization and/or Notarisation of documents;
                         ~ provide a specimen of a supporting letter showing the content, layout and presentation required.

(7).  The correct payment to cover (a) ~ the relevant passport fee;
                                                           (b) ~ the relevant Visa World service charge; and
                                                           (c) ~ the relevant method of return dispatch you require.
                                                                   Make one total payment payable to "Visa World"
                                                                   ~ or ~
                                                                   complete the card payment facility on the Visa World Order Form..

Please send all of the above to  Passport Office
                                                   Visa World
                                                   526-528 Watford Way
                                                   NW7 4RS
                                                   If you are posting important passport documents to us we recommend that you use

                                                   the Royal Mail Special Delivery service which is available from any Post Office.
                                                   Keep the Post Office receipt until you confirm that we have safe delivery.

or you may visit us in person or arrange delivery to the Visa World offices 
                                                   at the same address in Mill Hill
                                                   Please pre-complete our
order form and bring it along with you.
order form is a check-list component that aids our efficiency.
                                                   It will help us to give you better assistance and a speedier service.

Please note:

  1. For urgent orders we require your firm order as soon as possible in order to schedule the
    application into our appointment slots.  At busy times, appointment slots are filled very quickly and
    it is not always possible to simply slip another one in.
    We do not charge extra for urgent orders but we do require a non-refundable deposit, or a
    non-cancellable confirmed order from an account customer, before we are able to allocate an
    appointment slot.

    Please complete our order form and fax it to us with your card details or you may telephone us if you
    prefer ~ 020 8959 6161.  If you have some of the details of the previous passport this may be
    helpful but do not delay your order as the details are not essential if you do not have them to hand.
  2. The facility for Same Day passports is not always available so prior arrangement is always advisable.
    If required and when available, please allow for up to four hours Waiting Time plus, if also required or    
    if it is necessary, a Dedicated Courier, in addition to our standard service charge.

  3. Visa World do not charge extra for Next Day passports unless a Dedicated Courier is required.
  4. Visa World can advise you on the criteria and requirements necessary to obtain a 'Second Passport'
    or a further additional passport, if needed.  Many clients of Visa World have more than one passport.
  5. Make all payments to "Visa World" and not to HM Passport Office.  They will not accept your cheque.
  6. Do not send passport wallets.  HM Passport Office does not like them and there is a risk of loss.
  7. Please enclose a self-addressed envelope
    This eliminates any misreading of individual addresses and any confusion as to whether the completed 
    documents are to be returned direct to the traveller or to the travel agent or to the company address. 
    The envelope does not have to be stamped or postage paid and it needs to be only large enough for
    the return of your passport/s
    and any supporting documents that are returnable.
    The Post Office and Royal Mail prefer a size C5 envelope.
  8. Once an order is received, a Job No. is generated for reference and tracking purposes. 
    It is most important
    that this Job No. is quoted on every communication and especially when you
    are SENDING DOCUMENTS to us. 
    For fast-track attention it is best to also quote the Job No. at
    bottom left corner of the envelope.

    Failure to quote the Job No. WILL CAUSE DELAY and may also result in double job processing
    caused by the creation of a duplicate file with a different Job No. (very dangerous) and charging twice
    in error, which will in turn incur extra costs. 

    Also, when you make a telephone enquiry, we will be able to update you quicker if the Job No. can be
    mentioned if we need to ask for it
  9. A Full British Passport is normally valid for ten years for an adult aged 16 years and over, and for five
    years for a child under age 16.  There are occasions when a passport is issued with restricted validity.
    The issuance and validity of a British passport is at the discretion of Her Majesty's Passport Office.


                        1.  Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until the required passport,
                                  visa or travel authority is obtained.
                                  >> If you need Travel Insurance, do compare ours for cover and value.

                        2.  Most countries require a passport valid for not less than six months
                                  beyond the intended stay.

                        3.  Many embassies are unable to issue a visa unless there are two facing
                                  blank pages available in the passport.

                        4.  We have been visiting Her Majesty's Passport Office almost daily since 1991
                                  and are well placed to provide solutions for unexpected emergencies.

                        5.  If the need occurs we can also advise on the criteria and requirements
                                  necessary to apply for a second passport and even a third or a fourth
                                  passport up to the maximum eight allowable.
                                  Many of our clients have more than one passport.

                        6.  Visa World have 24 hour telephone, fax and mobile contact numbers
                                  available direct to their 24hr duty manager should they ever be needed
                                  in an emergency or for any reason in connection with a job in progress.

How to Order a Full British Passport  ~  updated 30th June 2018

Passport FeesDetails of ServiceSame Day PassportsNext Day PassportsHow Much Does It Cost?How to Order

to get a Full British Passport?

How Much Does It Cost to get a Full British Passport? was last updated on ~ 15th October 2012


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Our website is being updated.
Call for up to date visa prices
0208 959 6161
May 2018
  After deducting our unique pre-set discounts of up to 75% off for additional travellers.
We are the only service that saves you money with reduced charges for additional travellers of up to 75% OFF.
Electronic applications are excepted because the same amount of work and time is involved to apply for each
individual traveller and as these prices are already heavily discounted we cannot economise further on costs.
  This is to allow for the additional administration involved due to the pre-arranging, pre-notification, pre-preparation
and/or special presentation that is required by certain embassies.  As we are able to pass on the benefit of savings
made when processing additional applications at the same time, the supplement reduces in order to provide the
same discounts (25%, 50%, 75% off, etc.) that we normally give to each additional traveller.


Applicable when each application, or a processing part of each application, incurs the same additional costs.
e.g. a) The need for excessive care in attention to detail or the order of preparation and presentation of documents.
        b) Many embassies now require individual pre-registration of each application via online data entry.
        The variance of charges reflects the degree of user-friendly technology each embassy is using for data entry.

  Special Discount:  As special facilities are sometimes made available to us when we submit checked applications
in quantity, we are on occasion able to pass on an allowance for the savings made via this special discount.

Activated when, due to the intensive pre-administration required or the inevitable waiting time expected, it would not be economic to process a single application.  Unlike many of our competitors, we do not stockpile applications for economic or for volume processing.

  Only applicable if the relevant consular or government office is outside central London or significantly off our normal routes.  The supplement will allow for the two journeys to both submit the application/s and collect the processed documents.  Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge more for each application or submission.  We charge only the one supplement per batch of applications or documents that are being submitted and collected at the same time.

  This may apply only temporarily at an individual embassy, or it may be relevant only to a specific classification of visa, or it may be due to a peculiarity at a particular embassy. 
If it is because we are required to pay for consular fees on an additional separate visit or at a different office building or at a bank or at a post office, the supplement will be charged at 50% of the '1st traveller' rate for the first application and at 6.25% of the '1st traveller' rate for each subsequent application that is dealt with at the same time.

  This is a one-off set-charge to cover the appropriate contingency arrangements needed to prepare for and make
due allowance for the unpredictable waiting time that will inevitably be incurred due to the excessive queues that prevail at certain embassies.  The supplement will allow for the waiting time anticipated on the two consular
visits to both lodge the application/s and collect the processed documents.  Unlike most of our competitors,
we do not require each traveller to pay more.  We charge only the one supplement per embassy, irrespective
of the total number of applications that are being made and submitted at the same time.  We do not charge more
for every application
, each traveller or per passport.  The waiting time at a particular embassy can vary due to
their busy, peak or seasonal periods.

  At certain embassies the scheduled opening times for lodgement and collection are unreliable and inconsistent
as they only open when they are ready and at some, the scheduled time window for collections is problematic to guarantee to meet most dispatch and postal cut-off times.  On certain occasions it is therefore necessary and/or prudent to assign a Dedicated Courier to lodge and/or collect applications to avoid our Scheduled Courier the possible dilemma of having to abandon the wait and abort the mission in favour of other scheduled assignments. 
If not required and/or your travel date is not urgent or imminent, please adjust your payment accordingly.

  Recommended for safer return of your passport/s and documents to you by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day.
If you require ‘Special Delivery by 9.00am’, ‘Saturday Delivery’ and/or ‘Royal Mail Consequential Loss Insurance’, please see Royal Mail Special Delivery and adjust your payment accordingly.

  Certain embassies require all applications to be submitted at a dedicated Visa Application Service Centre where
a further fee is incurred in addition to whichever embassy fee applies. If applicable, the additional Service Centre
Normal Service fee is included above.  If you require their faster service, please adjust your payment accordingly.

  The most usual fee has been stated.  If another fee is relevant, please adjust your payment accordingly.

  Please make all payments to "Visa World" and not to the embassy.  They will not accept your cheque.

  Amounts not paid with order are subject to an account charge of 5%, card payments 3.5% (Amex 10%), VAT exempt.

  This is provided to help you to compare prices or to determine our bottom-line total cost per traveller.

If we are communicating with you overseas whilst processing your order, please see overseas in Service Charges.



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