Business Visa for Saudi Arabia

Requirements for Business Visa for Saudi Arabia
PassportValid for a minimum of six months beyond intended stay and have at least two blank pages.
Twelve months validity may be required if you are applying for a 12 month multiple entry visa.
We can process routine or urgent Same Day Passport applications directly at Her Majesty's Passport Office.
Forms1 x Saudi Arabia Business Visa application form per traveller.
Unless the applicant is of the Muslim faith, for the question that asks for “religion” put “Non-muslim” regardless of applicants actual religion.It is also important that the full telephone number of the company in Saudi is entered on the application form.
1 x London Chamber of Commerce Form per company.

This form is only required on the first application for each company.
1 x Saudi Medical information form.
Compulsory Medical Insurance from a Saudi Arabia approved insurer is now required for each traveller*. This is irrespective of any other travel insurance the traveller may have, even if it includes medical cover. The insurance companies offering cover and the cost of their respective insurance premiums vary according to actuarial principles dependent on the classification type of visa, length of stay and the age of each applicant etc. Visa World will arrange and pay for this insurance on your behalf whilst processing your visa application. Unless you advise us otherwise Visa World will always select the cheapest medical insurance quote offered. Please complete the Medical Information Form and return to Visa World with your visa application documents.

*Pilgrims, visitors for treatment, diplomatic and special passport holders, governmental visitors and guests of the kingdom are excluded from this requirement.

We maintain a perpetual credit in $USD with Enjaz in Saudi Arabia to disburse all fees and costs required. Once all the documentation is collated we will invoice you at cost relevant to the exchange rate plus bank charges when the $USD were purchased.
Photo2 x passport size photo per traveller.
Other Documents
Company Letterfrom your U.K. company.

A specimen letter (or the specific information required in the letter) is available following receipt of your order.
IMPORTANT ~ Each UK company letter needs to be certified and stamped by the London Chamber of Commerce who charge a fee of £52.20 (or £26.10 for Chamber members). Visa World can arrange to do this for you at the London Chamber of Commerce for an additional charge of £64.80 for the first company letter and £43.20 for subsequent company letters certified and stamped at the same time.
Electronic Letter of Invitationfrom the Saudi host Company endorsed and activated by MOFA and the Saudi Chambers of Commerce in Saudi Arabia . The original or copy of this invitation should be submitted with the application form.
Medical Reportduly completed by a competent medical authority and authenticated by the U.K. Foreign office.
Certificate of Company Registrationfor the Saudi host company.
Please write company registration number in English numbers on top of the certificate.
ImportantThe Saudi Consulate in London now require that the applicant’s profession and the name and address of the company to be visited in Saudi Arabia be entered in Arabic by Visa World on the Saudi computerised visa system. To enable us to comply with this requirement please ask your host in Saudi Arabia to complete this form and return it to us as a word document only via email
Click here to download the translation form
On occasion, Saudi visas have been refused when passports have reflected travel to Israel or indicated an Israeli birthplace. Call us if you are unsure.
Our Order FormThis also helps our efficiency as it is a check list component for both you and our staff
PaymentComplete the order form and either send the documents to us or bring them into the office. Once we received your paperwork we will email you an invoice that can be paid by direct transfer. To see how the total cost of your visa application is calculated, click here.
Travel arrangements should not be confirmed until a visa is obtained. Forms & Requirements for Saudi Arabia ~ updated 26th August 2019