Our aim is to provide the best possible Personal Service to complement and enhance the efficiency and speed of our Consular Services which consistently have the highest success rate amongst all of our competitors for first time acceptance of applications on first lodgement.

We have sent a copy of the above statement to all known competitors. Not one reply or comment has been received that contests our claim.

This record achievement (corroborated by results which are updated daily) is maintained because each application is checked for minimum requirements before submission. This is the basis of us achieving almost 100% successful acceptances at first attempt.

Time is actually budgeted in order to allow for a skilled inspection of all the important sections of the application that are troublesome and which are known to be problematic if either the content or the way it is presented are not both exactly as required,

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the range of service options available in this price list is evidence of the comprehensive infrastructure of our established support facilities, which are maintained to ensure that we will always have the ability to perform whenever a possibility exists.