Trade and Business exhibitions in China – July

Choosing the best trade fair for your business depends on your industry, target market, and specific business goals. here is a list of some of the trade fairs / Business exhibitions in China for July

  1. Aluminium China Expo 2024: This event will take place in Shanghai from July 3-5, focusing on the aluminium industry and its applications, featuring the latest innovations and developments in aluminium production and processing.
  2. AHTE 2024: The Assembly & Handling Technology Exhibition will also be held in Shanghai from July 3-5. It showcases technologies related to automation, robotics, and assembly processes.
  3. Valve World Asia 2024: Scheduled for July 3-4 in Shanghai, this event is a major conference and exhibition for the valve industry, bringing together professionals to discuss the latest trends and technologies.
  4. Copper China 2024: From July 5-7 in Shanghai, this exhibition will focus on the copper industry, offering a platform for networking and exploring new products and technologies.
  5. Inter Lubric China 2024: Taking place from July 8-10 in Shanghai, this exhibition focuses on lubricants and related technologies, aiming to highlight their importance in various industries.
  6. Electronica China 2024: Scheduled for July 10-12 in Shanghai, this leading trade fair for the electronics industry will cover a broad range of electronic components, systems, and applications.
  7. China Nonferrous 2024: Also from July 10-12 in Shanghai, this event will focus on nonferrous metals, offering insights into industry trends and developments.
  8. China Diecasting 2024: This exhibition will be held in Shanghai from July 10-12, concentrating on diecasting technology and its applications in the automotive and manufacturing sectors​ (10times)​​ (Expotobi)​​ (Expotobi)​​ (Expotobi)​.

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