Trade and Business exhibitions in China – September

Choosing the best trade fair for your business depends on your industry, target market, and specific business goals. here is a list of some of the trade fairs / Business exhibitions in China for September

  1. Shanghai Smart Home Technology 2024: This event, held from September 3-5 in Shanghai, focuses on comprehensive smart home technologies and technical integration​ (Expotobi)​​ (10times)​.
  2. Shanghai Intelligent Building Technology 2024: Running concurrently with the Smart Home Technology event from September 3-5, this exhibition showcases innovative intelligent building technologies and solutions related to IoT, cloud computing, and big data​ (Expotobi)​​ (Expotobi)​.
  3. All China Leather Exhibition (ACLE) 2024: Scheduled from September 4-6 in Shanghai, ACLE is the premier international leather fair in China, covering all aspects of the leather industry​ (Expotobi)​​ (10times)​.
  4. China (Beijing) International Medical Devices Exhibition 2024: Taking place from September 4-6 in Beijing, this exhibition provides a platform for the latest in medical devices and technology​ (Expotobi)​.
  5. Furniture Manufacturing & Supply China 2024: From September 10-13 in Shanghai, this exhibition focuses on contemporary furniture and interior design​ (Expotobi)​​ (SMT ADVANCED BUSINESS CO,.LTD)​.
  6. China International Tire Expo 2024: Also from September 10-13 in Shanghai, this expo is a key event for the tire and wheel industry, featuring the latest products and innovations​ (Expotobi)​.
  7. World Intelligent Connected Vehicles Conference and Exhibition 2024: Held from September 26-29 in Beijing, this conference is a major event for the automotive industry, particularly focusing on driverless technology​ (SMT ADVANCED BUSINESS CO,.LTD)​.

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