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Location : Asia

Capital : Hanoi

Time : GMT+7

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Passports have to be valid for SIX months beyond intended stay

Do I need a visa to visit Vietnam?
British Citizensrequire a visa
A visa is requiredby nationals of all countries other than as stated below
A visa is Not required by nationals of
Until 30 June 2021, visa is not required for British, French, German, Italian and Spanish citizens with passport having at least six-month validity travelling to Viet Nam for up to 15 days for all purposes.

The 15-day visa exemption is for single entry only and includes the date of entry and the date of exit. (Please note that some airlines may require proof of duration of stay at check-in).

You must have a visa before entering Viet Nam if you want to stay longer than 15 days.

If you wish to enter Viet Nam at least two consecutive times without visa, the next entry must be at least 30 days after the previous exit. Otherwise, you still need a visa.
Do I Need a Visa for Vietnam? ~ updated 14th September 2019

The above information is updated when there is a change in Vietnam Immigration Regulations. Visa World use their best efforts to provide correct information but as accuracy and completeness of consular regulations cannot be guaranteed the information that is supplied should not be regarded as authoritative.
Visa Information for Vietnam
ClassificationsTourist Visa
Business Visa
Formsonly original forms are acceptable download order original form here
RequirementsPlease refer to the classification relevant to your application
Processing TimeOrders received by 4.30pm will normally secure next day lodgement.

Same day lodgements are always available by arrangement.

Completed orders are normally dispatched on the same day they are collected from the embassy.
Time in embassy
Normal5 Working days
Express2 Working days
If Referredas advised by the embassy
Validity of visaas advised by the embassy
From date of issue3 Months
from date of entryat the discretion of immigration control
Length of stayat the discretion of immigration control
1 month single entry - Normal service£55
1 month single entry - Express service£72
1 month multiple entry£85
3 month multiple entry£105
1 month single entry express£69
1 month multiple entry express£105
3 month multiple entry express£125
1 month single entry£60
1 month multiple entry£95
3 month multiple entry£120
1 month single entry express£75
1 month multiple entry express£110
3 month multiple entry express£140
Some embassies will only accept postal orders in payment of their fees and costs for poundage are then incurred. On certain applications and for some nationalities the embassy add an additional fee, which is charged at cost. The embassy fee may differ from and be higher or lower than that expected above and is charged at cost.
The above information is updated when we are notified of a change in visa information or fees for Vietnam Last update 2nd October 2019