UK Passport renewal update – July 4th 2022

Don’t get caught out. Urgent UK passport renewals still available

Visa World couriers are still attending appointments at the Passport Office daily. We are processing passport applications at appointments secured up to 3 weeks ago on behalf of our clients.

There is no point turning up at the Passport Office in London without an appointment. These were the queues outside the Passport Office this morning and after applying online some of these “Customers!” have been waiting since April to get their passports.

Visa world can help with passport renewals

If you are travelling this summer we strongly suggest you get your passport renewed as soon as possible, as even with extra staff Her Majesty’s Passport Office is still catching up from Covid. The online application service is taking LONGER than 10 weeks and the Passport Office are not offering premium services and their fast track service have limited appointments.

If you need a passport urgently or want to travel this summer let us queue so you don’t have to.

We check your documents
Get the appointment for your application
Visit HM Passport office in London on your behalf
Get your passport back by secure courier

For more details email