What to do if your British passport is lost or stolen

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The new post Brexit black British passport on the old EU British passport which is still valid until it expires.

What to do if your British passport is lost or stolen

If your British passport is lost or stolen it’s important to take immediate action to protect yourself from identity theft and travel disruptions.

Here’s what you should do

Report it

As soon as you realise that your passport is lost or stolen report it to the authorities. If you’re in the UK you should report the loss or theft to the Identity and Passport Service (IPS). If you’re abroad report it to the nearest British Embassy, High Commission or Consulate.

Lost and stolen passport alert

To prevent unauthorized use of your lost or stolen passport you can request to have it cancelled. This will be done automatically when you report the loss, but it’s still a good idea to request it explicitly.

We suggest you complete the Lost or Stolen Passport Notification which is available online or at a British Consulate or Embassy. This form is required to report the loss or theft officially.

Notify the police

If your passport has been stolen you should also report the incident to the local police and obtain a police report or reference number. This documentation can be helpful when dealing with authorities or travel-related issues.

Reapply for a new passport

You will need to apply for a replacement passport. You can do this online using the “Apply for or renew a British passport” service on the GOV.UK website. You’ll need to provide the necessary documentation and pay the applicable fees for a replacement passport (they are currently quoting up to 10 weeks). Call Visa World for our hassle free passport replacement service.

Check with your travel insurance

If you have travel insurance check if it covers the costs associated with replacing a lost or stolen passport. Some policies may provide the cost of obtaining a new passport and cover any additional expenses.

Remember losing your passport can be stressful, but taking prompt action and following the necessary steps will help you get a replacement and continue your travel plans with minimal disruption. Visa World are experts at securing fast replacement British passports.